The Master Plan for Aging Releases its First Annual Report

With its Five Bold Goals and 23 Strategies, the Master Plan for Aging has inspired unprecedented levels of coordinated action across California's growing network of aging and disability providers, policy makers, advocates, and experts. Learn how the many initiatives detailed in the MPA have advanced during its first year of implementation by viewing the newly released 2022 MPA Annual Report .

MPA Dashboard

The Data Dashboard for Aging:
Using Data to Drive Action

The Master Plan for Aging outlines five bold goals and twenty-three strategies to build a California for All Ages by 2030. Beginning in 2021, the goals and strategies will be powered by over 100 action-ready initiatives that have already been adopted by state agencies for implementation, in partnership with stakeholders and the Legislature. These initiatives will be continually informed by the publicly accessible, user-friendly, and routinely updated Data Dashboard for Aging , which will track progress toward the Master Plan’s targets over ten years.

The Dashboard will be regularly updated and improved to monitor progress on Master Plan priorities over the next 10 years.

Explore the Dashboard: Looking for state or local aging data? Check out our Dashboard How-To Videos for step-by-step guide to identifying the data you need to inform policy, programs, and services.

The Data Dashboard for Aging was developed in partnership with the Let’s Get Healthy California team at the California Department of Public Health and with the West Health Institute. Version 1.0 was launched on January 6, 2020. The dashboard will be routinely updated to reflect the most-up-to-date and reliable data. Additional indicators will be added based upon availability.